Sunday, June 26, 2011

Herzog Halcyon Days

So, we've fallen behind. Again. But no matter! We have been keeping busy over the last few months. I started spring term classes--Leisure in Contemporary Society, New Testament, and Fly Fishing. I have wanted to take the fly fishing class since I first came to BYU and the class did not disappoint. We fished locally for most of the class, but then we took a final trip to the Flaming Gorge Dam for a camp out. I had a blast, but I did miss Sammy and John. I ended up rounding up a bunch of fish. I actually loved learning how to tie all the flies and am excited to eventually get my own fly tying equipment. I am hopefully going to get to go out on the Provo River here soon, but the runoff from the mountains has the river running really high. I finished off the semester strongly with 3 A's, of which I am proud.

John has been busy on his ORCA project, Bert, and it seems to be coming along nicely. He is in the process of switching to an all digital workflow, which is an adjustment. He is also working on his reapplication to the animation program in August, which is stressful, but he is doing well.

Towards the end of May, we were able to take a road trip to Los Angeles for a friend's wedding. It truly was an adventure! Our rental car gave us trouble on the way down, so we switched it out in LA (where they tried to make us file a claim on a scratch that was already on the car--got that settled finally) for a luxury car in which the AC broke while driving through the Mojave Desert! I'm not sure if we'll be renting from Enterprise again.

The wedding was beautiful and I was very happy to be there. The groom recently found a job in Salt Lake City, so now they are really close! While there, we stayed with some great friends, Nick and Stacy. We also had a chance to go to Disneyland. Sammy was a real trooper and we ended up staying all day with only one tiny meltdown. Sam loved all of the rides. She especially seemed to like the Pirates of the Caribbean--even the two little drops, which her daddy didn't care for too much!

Two weeks ago, John's sister, Lauren, came out for a visit. We had tons of fun, and her stay went by way too fast. We went on a tour of BYU with her, hoping to persuade her to come to the best University (wink, wink). We made it to the community pool where we caught some Utah sun and we even made it to the Hogle Zoo. We also hiked to Bridal Veil Falls. John and Lauren were both in flip flops, and I assured them that the trail was easy enough. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong trailhead. Needless to say, they were good sports about it, and we eventually found the right one and made it to the base of the falls.

In other news, Sammy is finally up and walking! She loves the new freedom that walking gives her and she is getting into even more mischief, if that is even possible. She has also learned how to go down the slide at the park all by herself! We are so proud of our little monkey.